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Digital Vyapar Seva Solution Pvt. Ltd.’s PHP developers are skilled in producing dependable front-end and back-end solutions with amazing compatibility with a variety of databases, internet protocols, and APIs with open-source software. Our experts have all the necessary experience to meet your needs for PHP web development.

Do you want to dominate the internet or increase the visibility of your website on search results pages like Google, Bing, and Yahoo? Next, you must have the most visually appealing website possible and make contact with knowledgeable professionals who have extensive experience in every aspect of web creation. We adore PHP since it is

independent of platforms
Provide support for all popular web servers
Quick to evolve
utilized by a sizable population
dependable & proven

PHP Web Development FAQs

We started developing websites back in 2011. Our about page has additional information about our past.

Our main tools for creating websites and portals are Codeigniter and Core PHP. Websites with custom coding are thought to be easier to maintain, lighter, more scalable, and safer.

We don’t work with OPENSOURE CMSs like Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Opencart, etc. because: an opensource website relies on shaky plugins and modules to add features, and these frequently become infected with viruses; customization is expensive; hackers frequently target open source code; and the biggest drawback of an opensource website is its security (approximately 75% of hacked websites use WordPress), which is frequently necessary to install updates in opensource.

Yes. However, before that, we must speak to better understand your needs and the technologies around which your website was constructed. We will definitely work with your current website if it runs on PHP or CI.
However, for better security, SEO, and speed, we highly advise you to have your website redone by us using Core PHP or Codeigniter if it is currently running on Joomla, WordPress, or any other open source platform. Dot Net websites are not what we work on.

Without a doubt. Our team of skilled copywriters can create captivating and search engine-friendly content for your website.

The procedure is as follows: Upon receipt of project payment, our customer service staff will contact you to arrange communication between you and the technical team from the beginning of the project until the project is managed by us.

In the last nine years, we have developed websites for nearly every industry. Please contact us for the URLs of our clients’ websites from related industries or for information on their products or services.

It is entirely dependent upon the kind of website you ordered. We charge a 100% renewal fee if you want a website with location-specific promotion because we want to continue the promotion into the following year. Websites without location-specific promotion are subject to a 50% renewal fee. This fee covers website renewal, hosting, yearly website maintenance, and customer support.

Without a doubt, sure. We will provide you access to your website’s admin panel so you can edit the text and photos on it yourself. We provide an admin panel for an eCommerce website so that users may add, amend, and remove product items, verify orders and inquiries, and change information and photographs.

Digital Vyapar Seva is popular for developing SEO friendly websites. Our websites are completely optimized for search engines, including on-page optimization for titles, meta tags, content, images, header tags, hyperlinks, xml sitemaps, and more. We carry out full tool implementation for SEO. You may choose to use a specialized SEO package for more complex SEO.

Yes, take a look at our collection of website designs here.

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